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New Job, Year One: Tough, Exhausting, RewardingThere’s a reason why “firsts” are such powerful shapers of our lives. First words, first steps, first loves . . . they... Samantha Carroll July 16, 2015
After Giving Up, Success! I Got the JobNot very long ago, I posted a blog about being turned down for a job that I was certain I would at least get an... Ann Marie  Dombrowski April 10, 2015
Spouse Hiring Fair Schedule for October PCS is over, the boxes are almost all unpacked, the kids have started their new school. Time for you to find a new job... STS  Staff October 1, 2014
Planning For Retirement – There Is An App For That!No more counting pennies and tracking your retirement goals with pen and paper. Today’s technological savvy workers... Allison Perkins September 17, 2014
Act Now to Stop Bullying at WorkBullying behavior doesn’t just happen on the playground. It can happen in the work place too.  Feel you are being... Pamela McBride May 5, 2014
Need a job? Need to brush up on your interview skills? Visit a job fair!   Check out our monthly round up of military spouse friendly job fairs being held around the nation during May.  Be... STS  Staff April 30, 2014
Food for Thought on Mealtime Interviews You asked for it, you got it: an interview for the job of your dreams. During a formal lunch. Unfortunately, you can't... Pamela McBride April 16, 2014
Job Fairs Nationwide in April Date: April 9, 2014​Job Fairs Nationwide in April By Salute to Spouses Staff Spring is here! Dust off those work suites... STS  Staff April 2, 2014
Best Job Search WebsitesSearching the internet can be a very efficient and effective way to land your next job. However, without planning,... Pamela McBride March 26, 2014
Celebrate the Holiday Spirit, Corporate Style Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tonight? Do you plan on staying home tomorrow and sleeping the lingering affects... Kerry McGinley March 17, 2014
March Job Fairs Across the Nation Spring is in the air and it is time to march to your nearest job fair and begin a new career! Below is a list of large... STS  Staff March 5, 2014
Portable Jobs: Movie Extra Think being part of a motion picture is a one-time experience only possible by being in the right place at the right... Samantha Carroll February 24, 2014
February Job FairsTime to dress for success, proof that resume and head to your local job fair. Below is a list of job fairs around the... STS  Staff February 5, 2014
Will Attaining a Degree Get You a Raise?You did it! You are now (or almost) a college graduate. Despite the frequent relocations, deployments, job changes and... Pamela McBride February 4, 2014
Build a Virtual Network to Grow Your Portable CareerWhen you’re growing any type of career, a key asset is your network. Throughout your career, a broad and diverse... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. January 15, 2014
Hiring Fairs for Military Spouses, JanuaryUpdate that resume, dress to impress and register to attend a hiring fair in your area this month! Check out the links... STS  Staff January 14, 2014
Portable Jobs: Tax preparer The Tax Man Cometh Seasonal jobs are available in the summer and at the holidays, but what about during tax season? As... Samantha Carroll January 13, 2014
Tis the Season to Become EmployedThis holiday season, don't get sidetracked by those who suggest you take a break from your job search to join in on the... Pamela McBride December 17, 2013
Holiday Help: How to Work for the Jolliest Man The Christmas holidays bring hustle, bustle and extra expenses. One way to earn some extra cash while displaying the... Samantha Carroll December 16, 2013
12 Military Spouse Skills Marketable in the WorkforceEditor's Note: The following is a guest post by Jessica Howington. Being a military spouse is like having a full-time... Jessica  Howington December 5, 2013


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