Why look for just another job, when you can embark upon a whole new career? Learn about the latest developments in careers for military spouses. With your mobile lifestyle, there are certain portable careers that can offer you and your family stability and future growth. If you have any topics that you would like to see us write about, feel free to email the editor:
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Transferring a professional license just got easier Do you dread moving your career when you PCS? Is it difficult to transfer a license for certain careers from state to... Samantha Carroll September 24, 2012
Work This Election: Be a part of democracy in motion through temporary jobs and volunteer opportunities Want to be part of the team that helps put on one of the largest democratic processes in the world? You can. Politics... Kerry McGinley September 18, 2012
Telecommuting as a Portable Job OptionTelecommuting can be a great option if you’re interested in a stable, permanent job but need to be able to do it from... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. September 17, 2012
Women: Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate Your Salary! Study after study shows that very few women even attempt to negotiate their salaries. In fact, in a recent surveyof... Pamela McBride September 10, 2012
Make Volunteering the Bridge to Your Dream JobAshley Folsom has moved eight times in almost 11 years of being a Marine Corps wife. All of her moves have been across... Pamela McBride August 27, 2012
The 4-1-1 on Phone Interviews: Put your best foot forward when you’re not face-to-faceWhat a relief. You and your resume made it through the first round of the application process and you’ve been asked to... Kerry McGinley August 20, 2012
Portable Careers for Military SpousesThere are all sorts of terrific things about being a military spouse and being part of such a diverse community of... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. August 13, 2012
Childcare work on-base and off, different regulations make for different career pathsWorking with children can be a fun and rewarding career. For many spouses, working at either an on-base facility or a... Samantha Carroll July 15, 2012
Online Etiquette - Don’t Sabotage Your Career (or Your Spouse’s)When it comes to your career – your current one or the one you hope to have in the future – few things can be as... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. July 2, 2012
Want to teach English? It takes more than being a native speakerSeveral years ago, while stationed in Okinawa, I was hired by a group of Japanese neighbors at a local community center... Jan Wesner Childs June 18, 2012
What to Say (or Not) When Building Your Network on LinkedInLinkedIn can be a great way to build professional visibility for military spouses, and two of the most powerful... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. June 4, 2012
Prepared Military Spouses Can Earn Good Grades When They Search For Teaching Positions Editor’s note: This is a monthly column addressing the specific requirements many spouses will have to follow to move... Samantha Carroll May 23, 2012
Veterans’Job Site Helps Rebuild Lives, Not Just Find Work Christopher Kerney wants veterans to find a job. That is, officially, his job. But as the director of public... Allison Perkins May 14, 2012
Social Media Smarts for Military SpousesBeing a military spouse is a bit like being the minister’s teenage kid – everyone expects you to be the perfect example... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. May 9, 2012
Hiring Heroes: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Wants to Help Veterans, and Spouses, Find JobsAs an Army wife, Laura Dempsey took the bar exam in four different states as she tried to build her career as an... Kerry McGinley May 7, 2012
LinkedIn and Military Spouses: Yep, It’s Worth the Effort!If you’re like most military spouses, you’ve already got plenty of items on your “to-do” list and not nearly enough... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. April 30, 2012
Mobile Careers 101: Real Estate Agent; Keeping Clients Buying and Selling While You Move Editor’s note: This is a monthly column addressing the specific requirements many spouses will have to follow to move... Samantha Carroll April 23, 2012
Job, but no car? Free and low-cost public transport available to many Earning money sometimes means spending money. But what happens when you can’t afford to get to work every morning?... Samantha Carroll March 2, 2012
Is Direct Selling for You?Ever drop off your kid at school only to emerge from the hallways with a handful of postcards inviting you to a party... Jennifer See, MA February 21, 2012
Work from home – sometimes it’s too good to be true!It’s 10 a.m. Your kids are at school, your spouse is at work and you are bored. You want something to do, and your... Jan Wesner Childs January 19, 2012


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