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Job, but no car? Free and low-cost public transport available to many

Earning money sometimes means spending money. But what happens when you can’t afford to get to work every morning?

Many military families cannot afford the cost, upkeep and gas for two vehicles, meaning the spouse stays home and the family struggles on a single income.

In some cities, low-income families, including many military families, can qualify for free rides on the public transportation system.

Joblinks Employment Transportation tracks programs at the most local levels that offer the cheapest ways around for low-income families, disabled riders, the elderly and veterans.

(See the Chart of Transportation Reduced Fare and Free Fare Programs to Serve Low‐Wage Earners)

Some local governments and nonprofit organizations do have programs to loan or give cars to needy families. Search for a program in your local area.

As you search for alternative transportation, know you are not alone.

The Center for Housing Policy published a report in 2006 that showed low-wage earners spend an average of 57 percent of income on housing and transportation costs — 28 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

Although the local free and reduced programs may change year to year, often just using the bus or train, even at the regular price, may be more affordable than a second vehicle payment.

It can pay to learn what resources are available in your community, especially after you PCS to unfamiliar territory, said Carolyn Jeskey, Joblinks director.

“Check your city and county websites’ transportation options,” she said. “Many public transit systems have trip planners with previously set routes to well-traveled destinations.” 

To search for available public transportation by state, visit

If public transportation isn’t readily available in your area, Jeskey’s next recommendation is vanpooling.

“It’s a flexible way to take care of your transportation needs,” Jeskey said. “It’s like carpooling, but it’s a van.”

In a vanpool, a group of people with a common destination share the travel costs. Either a member of the group supplies a vehicle, or often, a city or county will have a program that loans the group a van.

In Hawaii, for example, vans are provided by the local government to help reduce the number of cars on the road and relieve congested roadways.

Many schools also now offer vanpooling resources in their retention or benefits services.

Want to start a vanpool? Joblinks can help. Go to for a toolkit to build your own vanpool and save yourself and others time and money.

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