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Protocol Missteps Could Hurt Your CareerUpset because your military spouse has one more extra duty or another weekend meeting? Well, before you vent on social... Pamela McBride December 2, 2013
Starbucks wants you! Veterans and spouses sought for company’s 10,000 strong hiring initiative Hiring veterans seems to be the buzz phrase among employers lately. Starbucks Coffee Company has widened its hiring... Allison Perkins November 26, 2013
Portable Jobs: Vet TechGet Your Hands Dirty First Love animals and always on the go? Veterinary technologist may be the career for you. And,... Samantha Carroll November 25, 2013
Cool Jobs: On The Go Nurse Editor’s note: Salute to Spouses wants to highlight military spouses who have built unusual or creative careers around... Allison Perkins November 21, 2013
Websites We Love: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics After you are done tripping over the long, government title, this website has a lot to offer. You can spend hours... STS  Staff November 19, 2013
Spouses Have Preference with MWR Jobs Need a portable job that is on base? Employment with the MWR office may be your best bet. MWR, the Morale, Welfare and... Samantha Carroll November 18, 2013
Job Fairs Happening in November Check out our monthly list of job fairs around the country sponsored by Hiring Our Heroes, and other... Morgan Seegert November 5, 2013
Find Employment Readiness at ACSArmy Community Service is sometimes just thought of as a program that helps families who are having emergency issues... Samantha Carroll November 4, 2013
Becoming a (Portable) Virtual AssistantHaving worked with a virtual assistant (VA) on my most recent book project, I can attest that this type of service not... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. October 28, 2013
Need Job, Will Haunt Holiday jobs aren’t just a Christmas-time tradition anymore. The Halloween season's part-time work, in costume shops... Samantha Carroll October 21, 2013
4 Industries with Great MobilityEditor's Note: The following is a guest post by Jessica Howington. At the age of five, headstrong and determined to be... Jessica  Howington October 15, 2013
4 Steps for Turning that Internship into a Full-time GigSummertime is winding down and so is your chance of landing a full-time gig at the end of your internship. Now is the... Pamela McBride October 14, 2013
September Job Fairs Around The NationCheck out our monthly list of job fairs around the country sponsored by Hiring Our Heroes, and other... STS  Staff September 3, 2013
Georgia Eases License Requirements for Spouses and Veterans Are you a plumber, electrician, general contractor or other skilled laborer? You may want to consider retiring in the... STS  Staff August 27, 2013
MWR Jobs – Where to find them, how to get oneWorking for the Morale, Welfare and Recreation office on your installation not only pays the bills but can also be a... Samantha Carroll July 29, 2013
Why you’re never too old, or too seasoned, to attend a job fair Ever seen a job fair flyer posted at the commissary and zoomed your shopping cart right past? What about an email... Samantha Carroll July 15, 2013
Portable Career Options for Creative Military SpousesIf you’re one of those individuals blessed with creative gifts (and if you are, the rest of us are soooo jealous), you... Kim  Dority, M.L.S. July 1, 2013
Organize your life, and everyone else’s! Become a Professional Organizer Military families need to be organized. There is no room for extra stuff on a cross-country PCS move. Who better to... Samantha Carroll June 24, 2013
Will Facebook for Food: Is a social media manager job right for you?What if you could get paid for all that time you spend on your favorite social media sites? Liking, pinning, tweeting,... Kerry McGinley June 17, 2013
Practicing OPSEC in Your Job SearchEditor's Note: The following is a guest post by Jessica Howington. When it comes to work at home jobs, if it sounds too... Jessica  Howington June 10, 2013


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