Military Life

We understand that when a spouse serves in the military, the whole family does too. Read about the hurdles, struggles and triumphs of living a military life.

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The Deployment Stowaway: You Should Check the Seabags, TwiceWhen I first married my husband, he was a collector. Old movies.  Random soft-as-butter sweatshirts.  And computer... Brittany Casey March 10, 2015
How to pick a place to retireAfter 20 years of being told where you are going to live, retirement can be a shock. Suddenly, you can live anywhere.... Allison Perkins May 7, 2014
PCS is Coming – Prep 101I’m pretty typical in the military wife department. I met my husband while he was at his first duty station, which... Rebecca Yarros April 29, 2014
Write a book, build a business and PCS – it can be done! Military spouse and author offers advice for spouses who want to build their own business empiresThe best careers often come from building a life around doing what you love or finding a niche and filing it with your... Allison Perkins April 23, 2014
Do you care for your injured veteran? There may be care for you too In November the Department of Veterans Affairs released a grim statistic: the number of U.S. troops who sustained... Samantha Carroll April 21, 2014
How to Calculate Your Retirement Pay Ahhh, military retirement. No work, no early morning PT, no cares and you still get a monthly paycheck! Yeah, you do.... Allison Perkins April 9, 2014
Spouses of Strength - An online community can connect you with the help you need if you’re struggling with depressionLiz Snell felt like she couldn’t lift her head from the couch. She’d lie there all day crying. For 13 years, she’d been... Kerry McGinley March 24, 2014
Learn to Find Deals Outside the Gate, Before Commissary Cuts ArriveMore cuts are coming. The military budget is being sliced and this time, it may take money directly out of your wallet... Allison Perkins March 14, 2014
Retirement Chronicles: Missing Disability Pay? Don't PanicMy long-time friend called me in a rage this week.  After a year of waiting for the VA to issue her husband's VA... Allison Perkins March 12, 2014
Top 5 Things the Military Wish You Knew About Space-A Travel Want to fly cheap or for free? Military families can, if they know and follow the rules. Space-A flights, the seats... Allison Perkins March 10, 2014
During Deployment, Focus on You!When your military spouse is deployed and the responsibility for everything at home falls solely on you, it's hard to... Pamela McBride February 10, 2014
Websites We Love: IRS.GOVIt's that time of year, the race to make the April 15 tax return deadline is on. The IRS may have a cartoon-like... STS Staff January 29, 2014
Paying the Holiday PiperIf you’re looking at a hefty shopping bill, we’ve got tips to help you tackle it. If you’re facing the New Year with a... Kerry McGinley January 20, 2014
Home for the Holidays, in Therapy for the New Year We’ve got tips to help you make the most of ‘quality time’ with trying family members For some people, the holidays... Kerry McGinley January 8, 2014
Spotlight: Brittany McDonald When Brittany McDonald was in the Army, she earned her basic EMT certification to become a first responder. She quickly... Allison Perkins November 14, 2013
Veterans' Day Deals Every Veteran's Day my husband eats lunch at the Golden Corral. The company has a long-standing tradition of providing... Allison Perkins November 11, 2013
After the Transition: What to do when Military Kids Say They Want to Go BackSchool is in full gear around the nation and many have already brought home their first report card. That first day of... Allison Perkins October 29, 2013
Retiree Pay: Not a Simple NumberIf you are looking toward retirement and have checked out the web-based retirement compensation calculator you've... Allison Perkins October 22, 2013
You Can Have It All Pamela McBride is an Army wife who loves what she does. Now, as an author, nationally recognized expert in workplace... Allison Perkins August 19, 2013
Spouse and Nationally Recognized Career – You Can Have it All Pamela McBride has spent 24 years following her soldier husband around the world. And in each of those locations she... Allison Perkins July 31, 2013
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