Websites We Love: IRS.GOV

It's that time of year, the race to make the April 15 tax return deadline is on. The IRS may have a cartoon-like personality of being the bad guy but if you want to do your taxes right, this site is your best friend.

Tax forms can be overwhelming. Tax laws are complicated. This website strives to make both easy and understandable, and, the explanations are written in plain format, no crazy government jargon here.

  • Not sure if you qualify for an Earned Income Tax Credit? This site will explain what the credit is and help you determine if you qualify.
  • Is your military spouse overseas, meaning you need an extension to file your taxes? You can apply for that extra time on this website.
  • Unsure about tax provisions for combat pay? This site outlines what you need to know

In fact, has an entire section devoted strictly to tax concerns of military families.

The IRS regularly posts information about scams and lists licensed individuals who are qualified to prepare tax returns. Every form you will need to file your taxes is here and you can upload them, file your taxes and check back every week to track where your return is in the government machine.

For an organization that gets a bad rap, this website is clearly all good. The official start of the filing year is Jan. 31. Don't wade into that pile of tax forms without this site at your fingertips.

For Military Spouses
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