You Can Have It All

Pamela McBride is an Army wife who loves what she does.

Now, as an author, nationally recognized expert in workplace issues and employment for military families and veterans and a regular contributor to Salute to Spouses, she is proof that as an on the go military spouse, you can have it all.

And, every once in a while make an appearance on national television.

When she married her husband over 20 years ago Pamela also set out on her journey as a career counselor. Over the years, she said she has not just built on that job title but also furthered her education, her experience and diversified the types of jobs she held, all enabling her to build a top notch career, regardless of the PCS moves.

"It's all based on the fact that I really love what I do," she said. "It's been a blessing."

Pamela spent many of her early years helping soon-to-be veterans find jobs after life in uniform at the on-base job assistance office.

There, she used the advice that she gives so many spouses now: use your professional benefits. Since she served as a contractor at the time, her company paid for the schooling and Pamela was able to fulfill her professional service hours for her degree while on the job.

With each PCS move, Pamela was exposed to diversity in workplace location and operations. Though she always had the option to transfer within her own company, she began a job search anyway. Her motive was not just to find a new job.

"I wanted to make sure I could document on my resume what my achievements were," she said.

Pamela made it a point to leave each duty station as a more marketable candidate, whether it meant she completed additional training, completed more education or worked in a different type of job.

Engaging in a job search in her new hometown also gave Pamela the opportunity to network, make local contacts and get a jump start in establishing herself in the new market.

Not sure how to build your own resume? A good place to start, Pamela says, is deciding what kind of job you want to do.

"I get online and look at the types of jobs I think I might want and read those job descriptions. Then I say, 'with my skills set if I want to do this work, where are the gaps and how do I fill that in'?"

Pamela's dedication to continually building her own skill set recently earned her a nomination to the highly sought after Atlanta Federal Executive Board Employee of the Year Award contest and earned her a spot as a finalist in the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year contest, 2013.

Both organizations recognized her for her tireless efforts working with veterans. Currently she works for the treasury department and spends her days helping veterans across the nation secure federal internships.

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