Spotlight: Brittany McDonald

When Brittany McDonald was in the Army, she earned her basic EMT certification to become a first responder. She quickly learned that the hands-on work, including giving and receiving an IV, was something she loved doing.

As she planned for her future after the military, she began her search for a school. She saw an advertisement for Bryant & Stratton College and wasted no time. She said within 20 minutes she was on the phone with a representative from the school and was enrolled in less than a month's time.

After Brittany left the uniform behind, she earned her associate degree as a medical administrative assistant and quickly moved on to work toward her bachelor degree in health services administration.

Now, 25, Brittany said she made the decision to hit the books again rather than join the workforce after examining the job market.

"I was looking around Fort Hood for jobs and with the government shut down, it is crazy," she said, adding that the available positions also required experience. Brittany had the book work down but was lacking the hands on training that many employers wanted.

Now, returning to school for her bachelor degree can earn her both. Her plan is to complete her degree, which will only take two years, and then apply for positions at the local veterans' administration hospital. Her first job there may be as a volunteer, but armed with her degree from Bryant & Stratton College , Brittany knows she can quickly turn that volunteer experience into a full-time position.

The school's staff has supported her every step of the way, she said."I really like this school," she said. "I like how driven they are to produce quality graduates. I really wanted to excel. I have standards for myself and Bryant & Stratton has helped me meet those standards."

Brittany said she dreams of eventually heading up a phlebotomy department and helping people work through their fear of needles to get the health care that, in many cases, they desperately need.

"I know how important it is to get that blood work done," she said. "I want to help people to diminish their fears and get it done."

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