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PCS Moves Don’t Have to be Tough for Medical ProfessionalsMilitary spouses who also are medical professionals often have extra hurdles to jump when they PCS before they can... Samantha Carroll January 10, 2012
Commissary Looks Good How to Apply The easiest way to start looking for a position with DeCA is at Search... Jennifer See, MA December 21, 2011
Staffing Companies Can Help in Permanent Job Search A staffing company can be a powerful ally when you search for a permanent position. Yes, I did say permanent. Temp... Samantha Carroll November 16, 2011
Finding a Job AbroadYou’ve finished your education, gotten a job and are cruising along smoothly toward your career goals. Then, it happens... Jan Wesner Childs November 7, 2011
Military Spouses May Have the Advantage in Holiday Hiring Unemployment rates remain high. Analysts paint a grim picture for those seeking short-term jobs during the holiday... Samantha Carroll October 24, 2011
Army Spouse Snaps Her Way into New Career Like so many dream jobs, Charlene Vogel’s photography career began as a hobby. After earning a degree in art and... Samantha Carroll October 5, 2011
Networking: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone Chances are, you have been an informal networker in hopes of landing a job before, during or very soon after a PCS... Pamela McBride September 27, 2011
Librarian or Astronaut? Personality tests can help narrow career fields I’m an ESFJ.  Do you know what you are? If you are wondering what I’m talking about, then you have not taken the Myers... Jennifer See, MA September 7, 2011
Hello Summer, So Long Sandals Just because the lazy days of summer are setting in doesn’t mean we can get lazy with our workplace attire. Whether we... Pamela McBride July 5, 2011
Make an Impression, in your Jammies – Virtual Job Fairs Bring Recruiters into your HomeEver walk into a career fair ready to take on the world and walk out with a plastic bag full of pens, cheap stress... Allison Perkins June 21, 2011
NAF Jobs: The Other Federal Employment OptionMost military spouses know that federal employment is a good career option because it can provide career stability even... Pamela McBride May 31, 2011
Get Your Federal Application NoticedApplying for a federal job is one thing. Getting hiring managers to notice your application is quite another. Here are... Pamela McBride May 23, 2011
Applying For a Federal Job? Use Your CloutBeing a military spouse has its privileges. And there are two in particular that shouldn’t go unused: free employment... Pamela McBride May 20, 2011
Not Your Grandpa’s Job Interview: Technology Changes the Interview Process Gone are the days of thumbing through the classified section of the newspaper, circling available job positions, and... Samantha Carroll May 17, 2011
Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride for Army Spouse - and She Loves ItArmy spouse Regina Weber loves to plan events. She used to spend her days taking photos at a local Sears Portrait... Allison Perkins May 12, 2011
Life Can Help You Decide Your College Major and Career PathChoosing what you want to be "when you grow up" can be a daunting task. Schlepping through all the core English and... Samantha Carroll April 9, 2011
Experience: No Longer Preferred, Now NecessaryYour college journey begins. You’ve secured financial aid, bought books, set a class schedule and lined up reliable... Samantha Carroll April 4, 2011


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