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Job Fairs Nationwide in April

Date: April 9, 2014​Job Fairs Nationwide in April

By Salute to Spouses Staff

Spring is here! Dust off those work suites, print your resume and ride that positive ray of sunshine into the nearest job fair! Check out the links below for job fairs across the nation that cater specifically to military spouses. Don't forget to click on the links and register.

Lincoln, NE - Hiring Our Heroes

April 1, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1558639


Philadelphia, PA - Hiring Our Heroes

April 2, 2014​;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1611279


Fort Lauderdale, FL

April 8, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1608986


St. Louis, MO - Hiring Our Heroes

April 8, 2014​;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1609120


Washington D.C. - Military Spouse Network

April 9, 2014​;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1557434


Fort McCoy, WI - Hiring Our Heroes

April 10, 2014​;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1488947


New Orleans, LA - Hiring Our Heroes

April 16, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1608987


Hamden, CT - Hiring Our Heroes

April 16, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1558858


Los Angeles, CA - Hiring Our Heroes

April 17, 2014​;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1609198


Celina, OH - Hiring Our Heroes

April 22, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1613068


Dearborn, MI - Hiring Our Heroes

April 23, 2014​;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1607769


Chicago, IL - Hiring Our Heroes

April 29, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1635970


Cheyenne, WY - Hiring Our Heroes

April 30, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1608965


Trenton, NJ - Hiring Our Heroes

April 30, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1618698


Fayetteville, NC - Hiring Our Heroes

April 30, 2014;jsessionid=D476405535A479EEE4DF405216A7A42A?id=1608990

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