Why look for just another job, when you can embark upon a whole new career? Learn about the latest developments in careers for military spouses. With your mobile lifestyle, there are certain portable careers that can offer you and your family stability and future growth. If you have any topics that you would like to see us write about, feel free to email the editor:
Need a job? Need to brush up on your interview skills? Visit a job fair!


Check out our monthly round up of military spouse friendly job fairs being held around the nation during May. 

Be sure to bring plenty of copies of your resume, dress sharp and practice your introduction in the mirror before you head out.

And remember, you must click on the links below and sign up to attend.

You got this! 



May 7

Birmingham, AL;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1635261

May 8
Rochester, NY 

Salisbury, MD;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1655303

May 10
May 12
May 13

Rochester, MN;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1655304

San Antonio, Texas;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1638492

May 14

Camden, NJ;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1642134

May 15
May 21
May 22
Riverside, CA

Fort Wayne, IN;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1655305

Memphis, TN;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1635324

Charlotte, NC;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1694728

May 28 

Fargo, ND;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1635652

Martinsburg, WV;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1658334

Arlington, VA;jsessionid=45269A1578285CC4442287CBB95D4BE9?id=1651155

May 29
May 30
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