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After Giving Up, Success! I Got the Job

Not very long ago, I posted a blog about being turned down for a job that I was certain I would at least get an interview for.


After I wrote that blog and had my pity party, I decided to do a quick job search late one night, even though I swore I was going to take a break from it. I happened to see an opening for a position on a well-known website that actually required the applicant be a military spouse.


I had to re-read that part a few times because I couldn’t believe it was an actual, legitimate job that required this piece of me that I so often try to hide. Is it possible there was a position out there for a military spouse like me?


I looked at the date of the job posting and figured everyone in my small military town must have already applied. I had no chance! For some reason I decided to email the hiring manager on a whim. It was Tuesday at 11 p.m. I figured no one would respond until the next day and by then I would have come to my senses, realized I was not interested or too late to apply and go back to being unemployed and sulking.


Much to my surprise, my inquiry was answered almost automatically.  After a few email exchanges, I sent in my resume and set up an interview for Thursday. My heart was racing. All of a sudden I was nervous and scared.


Was I talking to a real person or was this some psycho who was out looking to kidnap a naïve woman who was up too late while her husband was away training? Dramatic, I know, but I tend to naturally over exaggerate and jump to wild scenarios when I am home alone. I calmed myself down after I did a little Google research on the company and the position, because Google knows it all right?!


It was a skype interview, a first for me, so I told myself I had nothing to lose. If anything, it was my first interview in over four years and would be good experience, if nothing else.


The interview came and it went well. Very well in fact. But, I also have no recent experiences to compare it to so I was not sure how optimistic to be. I asked some questions about the position, because frankly it just seemed too good to be true. 


The rest of my busy end of the week routine came and went.  Friday night I checked my email and much to my surprise I had an email from the hiring manager. I had been offered this part-time, flexible, around my own schedule position. The glass half empty side of me is a little hesitant to believe this is something that I will truly enjoy and help my family financially.


The other small part of me (the glass is possibly half full but I am pretty sure its slowly leaking) says I won’t know if I don’t try. All I wanted was a shot at something.


 This may not be my forever job, but it’s a start. And after being out of the “real” work scene for so long, I am starting over.  And I can’t give up or talk myself out of it before I even start.


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