Deployment Soundtrack: Someone Saved My Life Tonight

     Someone Saved      My Life Tonight

         Elton John, 1975

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I love my children, but some days there is not enough duct tape on the planet to keep them in line. We have been out of school for two weeks and I have had enough of the whining, complaining and fit throwing that seems to come with not being on the school schedule.

Deployment Soundtrack: Have I told you lately ...

Have I told you lately

        Rod Stewart, 1993

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Deployment Soundtrack: Torn


   Natalie Imbruglia, 1997

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Today, I broke my cardinal rule of deployment: never have a meltdown in front of your husband while he is deployed. As a side note, that is the rule that I impose on myself not a rule that I impose on others. But let’s go back and see where it started.

Deployment Soundtrack: Don’t Stop Believin’

Don’t Stop Believin’
Journey, 1981
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Deployment Soundtrack: Who Are You?

Who Are You?
The Who, 1978p>
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Deployment Soundtrack: Here I Go Again
Here I Go Again


Preview Song

Here we go again. That really is what I thought as I pulled out the camera and lined everyone up to quickly take a picture of my favorite soldier and his kids before they got on the bus for school. This picture would commemorate the start of our fifth (gulp) deployment.

Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood

Every time we pack up for another PCS move, I secretly wish I could load my friends right into the boxes.  In the short two to three years we spend in each location, I always find a tight group of gals who I can both laugh and cry with. They love my children like their own. They accept my crazy, scheduled life. They come running to my house for the good times and the bad. And in either case, they always bring a bottle of wine. No matter how much I loved or hated the duty station, these women were the reason it was difficult to leave.


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