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So, I am fairly certain that you are wondering who is Sarah Young and why would she have something to say? Well, let me tell you a little about myself and you can decide if what I have to say is something that you will want to read!

I grew up in rural Alabama, and for those who live for an installation reference, that was right outside Fort Benning, GA. I did not grow up around the military. My family was in the teaching ministry. I went to the same school from second grade through twelfth grade, and my parents still live in the house where they raised my older brother and me.

I went to college in Macon, Georgia, and I earned a degree in business. I moved back to the Columbus area and worked for two large companies there.

Just after the ball dropped and the year became 2001, I met a man that would eventually become my husband. In May of 2002, I officially became a U.S. Army “dependent,” and I have never looked back. My sweet soldier has shown me this great nation courtesy of the U.S. Army, and we have spent time in Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Louisiana, Maryland and now Kansas. He taught me to use a map and he taught me to go with the flow. I think one of his favorite stories to tell is that of our very first PCS move. He was three months home from the invasion to Iraq, and we were moving from Georgia to Arizona with a nine-month-old. I turned to my husband/hero and said, “Do you know where we are going?” He replied, “No, I just figured that when we got close, we would follow the signs.” That was the beginning of the roller coaster ride that is Army life and I love it!

I am the extremely proud mother of three amazingly resilient children. The oldest sweet boy is currently nine and in the third grade. My middle and only sweet girl is seven and in the first grade. My youngest sweet boy is five and will begin kindergarten in the fall. He has been diagnosed as on the autism spectrum with developmental delays.

I have not only been in the public workforce, but I am a career volunteer as well. I have been able to try a lot of different things since becoming a volunteer. I have been able to teach, lead, fundraise and be a mentor. I have learned how to tile, do electrical, plumbing and carpentry, and, just recently, I have conquered a weight problem (albeit a self proclaimed problem). I am now healthier and more active than I have been in years and I begin training today for my first half marathon!

We have just begun our fifth deployment and this time, just like all of the times before, it is different. Sweet soldier has gone to a different area of the word, and our older children actually understand what is happening and fear for his safety. My hope is that through this blog, you will see that whatever feelings you have during any deployment of your soldier, you can find positives. I hope that you will work through your pain, just like I do sometimes, and I hope that you will find your balance. This is the first deployment we have experienced where I don’t feel overwhelmed by the outside world or what’s inside my home. If you are not there, that is okay. I spent most of my last deployment face-down in a box of cookies with three very small children at my feet, and my hope is that as I share my experiences, you will find hope and energy in knowing that “If Sarah can do it, then I can too!”

Strength and Courage ... sby

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