Deployment Soundtrack: If I Didn’t Have You
If I Didn't Have You

Thompson Square, 2012

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While roaming Facebook one day, I saw a picture. It was one of those motivational posters that read, "You never forget the friends you make when you go to war." It depicted soldiers in a desert setting and I understood what it meant.

Deployment Soundtrack: I Won’t Give Up, 2.0
I Won't Give Up

Jason Mraz, 2012

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Deployment Soundtrack: I Won’t Give Up
I Won't Give Up

Jason Mraz, 2012

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"It's all fun and games until someone kicks the teacher!"

It is the email that I have been dreading since the school year began and my only hesitation with putting that littlest sweet boy in a general education classroom.

Deployment Soundtrack: Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Aerosmith, 19998

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We knew this day was coming, but now, it is here.

The sitter was at the house at 5:30 in the morning and I had hoped that the kids wouldn't wake up. They had said their goodbyes before bed the night before.

Deployment Soundtrack: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Pat Benatar, 1979

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Dear Sweet Old Lady at Walmart,

My son is autistic. I have been his mother for six years, and while his behavior may catch you off guard, I assure you, I have things under control.

Deployment Soundtrack: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

The O'Jays, 1991

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New Year's Eve has always been very special for my sweet soldier and I. We met on New Year's Eve 2000, and we rekindled our relationship on New Year's Eve 2001.  So every December 31st that we are together, we pull out the toasting flutes and toast to all that we hold dear.

Deployment Soundtrack: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas

Bing Crosbey, 1943

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"Sometimes Mother Army gets it right," was the cheerful text that I received last Sunday on my trek home from Fort Campbell, Ky., and my sweet friend was right!

We have known for some time that my sweet soldier would take R&R during the month of December. What we didn't know was that we would get an extra surprise in the process.

Deployment Soundtrack: The Twelve Pains of Christmas
The 12 Pains of Christmas

Bob Rivers, 1994

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It is officially the most wonderful time of the year. At least that's what the song tells us.

But for a lot of us, it can be sort of a scary and / or dark time of the year. I’ve written a lot about how to combat sadness, loneliness and any other frustrations deployment brings. What happens when those feeling are made to feel bigger by the holidays? What then?

Deployment Soundtrack: Thank You
Thank You

Alanis Morrisette, 1998

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Deployment Soundtrack: Breathe

Faith Hill, 1999

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My Dearest Sweet Soldier,

Thank you for your service to our country. Thank you for being the tip of the spear. Thank you for standing in the gap for those who can't.


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