Graduation Day DO’s and DON’Ts

I know a lot of things. 

Seriously. Like, a lot of things. I know how to make lasagna without a recipe, how to tile a bathroom floor and how to be in a tactical aircraft landing without puking. My knowledge is pretty diverse, to be honest.

Where You Study Can Make a Difference

woman on laptopWhere do you study? At the kitchen table? At the sink as you watch over boiling pots for dinner? In bed as you try not to drift off to sleep?

An important part of building a study routine is to find a study space that helps your efforts, not hinder them.

Setting an Example, One Word at a Time

Mother and daughter studyingRecently, my stepkids, who live with their mother, came for the weekend. We are lucky enough to live fairly close to them, and as such, they occasionally bring school work with them. On this particular weekend, my stepdaughter brought two things to accomplish:  a list of twenty spelling words (on which, when originally quizzed at school, she received a D) and an ongoing board game project. 

Moving Forward After an Associate's Degree

It's finally happened. After two and a half years, I got the email from my community college. You know, the email.  The one that says "Hey, you might want to have our people run through the records of everything that has made the last few years of your academic life suck, because you just might be finished."

Which, as it turns out, I was . I had completed my associate's of arts degree. 

New Semester, Meet Our New Student Blogger

The first signs of fall are beginning to appear in the form of back to school shopping sales. A new semester means new book bags, pencils and a new college blogger!

Please help us welcome Sandra Moyer to our roll of talented military spouse writers.

Mother, Army wife, full-time student

It was a cold, rainy and all around crappy day at work when my husband asked me what was - in his mind - a relatively simple question: 

            "When we PCS, why don't you go to school?" 

Having grown exhausted with the job search at our upcoming duty station, I agreed. 

For Military Spouses
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