Welcome Home! Now, Get to Work!

I spent last evening staring at the bookshelf downstairs. 

It’s very heavy and dark and wooden, and, well, it’s putting a real damper on my new light, airy and clean living room.

Or the new light, airy, and clean living room I’m envisioning in my mind’s eye, anyway.

Still, I want to move that bookshelf.

Homecoming Prep

I have to admit, those videos - the ones with soldiers jumping out from behind Santa Claus or hopping out of a birthday cake to surprise their loved ones with a return from deployment - yeah, those make me cry. I can’t help it. Seeing little kids’ faces when they see their daddy is precious, and brings back memories of each time my husband shocked our little guys.

But the ones where he surprises his wife?  Man, those get to me, and this fierce pang of longing shoots through me, especially if Jason is deployed. 

Iraq – Over on the Frontlines, Not at Home

The last American soldiers have left Iraq. That is excellent news.

The problems have just begun at home. This is not news to military spouses.

Many of the thousands of soldiers who have served in Iraq have not deployed just once. They’ve gone three, four, even five times to the desert frontlines.

Roadside bombs and IED attacks have left wounds on their bodies and their minds. Suicide rates continue to skyrocket as they try to return to normal life.

For Military Spouses
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