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Iraq – Over on the Frontlines, Not at Home

The last American soldiers have left Iraq. That is excellent news.

The problems have just begun at home. This is not news to military spouses.

Many of the thousands of soldiers who have served in Iraq have not deployed just once. They’ve gone three, four, even five times to the desert frontlines.

Roadside bombs and IED attacks have left wounds on their bodies and their minds. Suicide rates continue to skyrocket as they try to return to normal life.

Children of military members have lived much of their lives without their military parent in the home.  Couples have grown and changed over the deployments. Some families are struggling to re-integrate and learn to live together again.

The war is over, the battle is not.

In the New Year, Salute to Spouses will begin a series of stories addressing the challenges and successes of military families as they move beyond the war in Iraq.

We will connect our readers with experts who can answer questions and help military families rebuild their relationships and their lives.

Please join us as we take this journey. We invite our readers to share their stories, advice and questions. Together, we will succeed.

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