Want to succeed? Build a support network

By Jenna Moede

Have you ever tried to do something on your own and totally failed or bragged about what you'd do in the future without any real plans? I have.  

Networking Done Right

By Amy Nielsen

I arrived today with a gust of wind that propelled me through the door with such force that I almost fell over the six-foot-tall rooster.

Creating Circles of Contacts

By Amy Nielsen

In my business I am fortunate enough to be able to recommend products and services to my clients. I don’t direct sell a product. What I sell is my time, my gathered information and my network. I have started to look more closely at how I choose who, and what, I recommend to my clients.

Learning and Networking

By Amy Nielsen

I live in an area of the country that has a great concentration of interesting people. Many of them work in the alternative health and wellness field. As this is my chosen track, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to take small classes in intimate settings with renowned and esteemed practitioners who choose to give back to the community through free or low cost classes and lectures.

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