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Creating Circles of Contacts

By Amy Nielsen

In my business I am fortunate enough to be able to recommend products and services to my clients. I don’t direct sell a product. What I sell is my time, my gathered information and my network. I have started to look more closely at how I choose who, and what, I recommend to my clients.

I have a certain set of products that I find many of my clients need at the same point in their programs. These items span the gamut of health and wellness products and services for home, body and environment. I have, in the past, been a bit more haphazard in my recommendations, in that while I knew the product well, I didn’t know as much about the companies I was recommending as I probably should have.

To that end, I decided to totally revamp what products I choose to support. I decided to go with as many Market Level Marketing Ambassadors and Consultants as I can to fill those product and service slots. My business is based around the premise that there is no one right solution for everybody. I have many friends who have had great success on their specific MLM program. I want to give them the opportunity to gather clients from my pool while give my clients the same level of personal service in those products as they get from my mentoring.

Not only will this allow me to support my friends and their businesses, but it also allows me to create networks. The greater health and wellness industry is becoming just that, an industry. Just like the greater health care industry, it has become about speed and impersonal big box business. We have lost our connection to healing in health, the personal connection. We like herbs capsules rather than herb walks.

Healing comes from human connection and support just as much as it does with the product and services you use. Does the can of chicken soup you heat up in the microwave heal you as well as the can of chicken soup your beloved heats up in the microwave for you? Better yet, does the chicken soup your beloved makes for you heal you as well as that soup from the can that was microwaved? No, it’s about the human connection.

If I wholeheartedly believe in the person I am recommending, and they wholeheartedly believe in the product they are recommending; if they not only sell the product, but use it in their daily lives. If that product is aligned with my philosophy of health and wellness, then I firmly believe that intention will infuse more healing into that product or service. This is true to some degree in other industries, but it is specifically relevant to health and wellness which depends on not only healing the body but healing the mind.

My practice is based on whole body and environment health and wellness. I have been fortunate enough to watch several of my dear military spouse friends in their MLM careers and move steadily and rapidly up their tiers to successful careers. I have seen their confidence grow and blossom along with their financial independence. They not only believe in their wel- researched, well rounded product lines, but more importantly they believe in themselves. This strength infuses their relationships and their products with an energy that is in and of itself healing.

It’s about the relationship. The vibrations. The intentions.

That energy is relational. It is passed from person to person in every relationship they touch. This healing creates courage which allows that person to help another person in turn. This connection helps a person heal more deeply.

The great thing about MLMs are the network of people. As my clients move around the country they are able to move through a personally curated network of associated products and services they are familiar with. They can continue to get the personal support they need as they continue on their journey to health and wellness. Much of the anxiety surrounding military life is uncertainty and missing community. By creating networks of people, we create a great network based on health and wellness, rather than our specific military branches and ranks.

As I begin to develop my program, I am beginning to gather new products and services for a trade fair sort of table for those friends to display their services and how they pertain to my class. This has begun to be the most fun part of my day. I have to limit my research time or I will spend all day on it.

In the cases where I can’t find an MLM to support or fill the product I need, I am spending a lot more time finding companies that are small businesses through my slowly growing network of friends who are also in similar fields. I am creating a rolodex of sorts, full of people and services.

I have a few more months before I go live with my classes and I am looking forward to having a few roundtable meetings with groups of MLM friends and preferred vendors. So far this has been well received and we are having a ball coming up with more people to add to our circle.

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