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Have I told you lately

        Rod Stewart, 1993

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Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? It happens to me all the time! The funny thing is that this song came to me in an e-mail. A very dear friend e-mailed me, and in the subject line it read, "Have I Told You Lately". What made it even funnier to me was that I had just sent an e-mail to my sweet soldier with the same subject line. In the body of the email, I simply wrote, "I love you and I miss you." There was no business and no kids. There was just one simple message. Just like the e-mail that my friend sent to me, she wrote, "I love you and I love your blog." Simple words bring a very powerful message.

So I began to think about all those people in my life that I forget to tell how much they or their acts of kindness mean to me. I thought of my friend who texted me the other night to say that she had made me dinner. Have I told her how special that was? I wrote a thank you note, but does that really convey how much it truly meant to me to not have to make dinner that night? I think of a neighbor who is always willing to let my kids play with her kids so I can run to the store, or the neighbor who asks if she can get me something when she goes to the commissary. I also thought of the neighbor who is playing one last round of catch with his son before he goes "wheels up." Does he know how much we appreciate him fixing our kids' bikes for us? As I write, I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of people in my life who do the most amazing things for me. They encourage me when I am down and they celebrate with me when I am on top of the world. They even remind me to be a "big girl" when I don't really want to be.

I wouldn't dare try to name any names, but it truly takes a village when it comes to army life. My village helps rear my children, run volunteer organizations and, in general, make my life a better place. If I haven't told you lately, you mean the world to me. I am so glad that you are my friend! 

Strength and Courage ... sby

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