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Websites We Love:

We shop at the commissary. It says right on the sign when you enter the door, more than 30 percent saved by shoppers here than at civilian grocery stores.

More than 30 percent! We don't need to bother clipping coupons and tracking sales. Or do we?

A lot of military spouses we know don't bother receiving the Sunday paper to get those coupons. They are not home enough or move too often to deal with the hassle of ordering and canceling the service.

So, where to get coupons?

The easiest place would be at our favorite website of the month:

This site is bright. It is flashy. There are buttons everywhere and each one leads to a new savings.

There are food coupons that are not only accepted in the commissary but are coupons for stuff you would actually buy. Lately the Sunday coupon flyer seems to have a lot of random ingredients that we just don't use. Or, the coupons require you to buy three of the same items to save 25 cents.

Nope. Not happening.

The coupons on this site are, for example, 50 cents off one box of Rice Krispies, 75 cents off one jar of Smucker jelly, and $1 off one bottle of Listerine.

You can search coupons by brand or item type.

Need discounts on travel? The site lists the latest military discounts offered by the giants of the travel industry such as Disney, Best Western, Norwegian Cruise Lines and American Airlines.

There is even a section for contests that brands sponsor specifically for military commissary shoppers. In June you can enter to win a year's supply of food from Purina ProPlan.

So, before you head to the commissary, browse  You just might save more than 30 percent this time.

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