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Telecommuting grows across the nation

Are you working from home today? According to new, nationwide statistics, the number of employees working from home or telecommuting has increased by 115 percent in a decade.

The increase may be due to benefits for bot employees and employers. While telecommuting gives some employees a better work-life balance, allowing their workers to stay home saves businesses an estimated $11,000 per person annually, according to Global Workplace Analytics. The same study estimated that depending on an individual’s commute, each worker would save $2,000 - $7,000 per year in gas and vehicle upkeep.

According to, the largest online hub for employment outside of the traditional 9 to 5 box , companies are looking for certain skill sets from remote workers. According to these are:

  • Digital communication skills: verbal and written
  • Time management, task management, the ability to self-focus
  • Proactive communication: being comfortable speaking up and asking questions
  • Comfort with technology and troubleshooting basic technical issues
  • Growth mindset: embracing change and learning
  • Familiarity with remote communication tools like IM, video conferencing, file sharing, and virtual office environments

 To learn more about telecommuting and even search available jobs, visit

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