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Quarters Sweet Quarters: Taking a Time Out

So, I’ve had my mandatory meltdown. My negativity and frustration with the entire move process has probably scared away almost every positive friend I have as I retreat into a corner to rock back and forth - but wait.

It’s time for a time-out for mom. And with a snap of my fingers, I took one.

During the first week of karate camp, I made a conscious decision to take time away from the unpacking, the hanging of pictures and the general decision making that comes with setting up housekeeping for the sixth time in 12 years.

After not putting my running shoes on my feet in two months, I laced up with my soldier and went down to the river to run a couple of times. The rushing water and the lovers’ locks were just what my soul needed. I stood there for a few minutes, took a few deep breaths and realize that things could be a lot worse. But on a side note, that runner’s high that people feel, I didn’t feel it. I felt thick and heavy. I felt tired and a little defeated.    

But, I ran. I got out there and did something over which I had complete control that didn’t affect anyone else. That’s the part that felt good. It made me feel human. It gave me back my grip on myself.

This week, it has been back to the grind of getting organized and getting ready for school to start.

If you are losing your grip or you feel your rolodex begin to spin, I encourage you to take a time-out. Do something for yourself, over which you have complete control and does not affect anyone else.

But sweet friends, it is almost the end of the summer! Hold on! School starts soon!

May the moving gods smile upon you and may only the things that you don’t like get broken … sby

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