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Need a holiday job? Try a movie theater

Need a holiday job but the idea of dealing with the holiday shopping crowd makes you cringe?

Try applying at a movie theater instead.

The holiday season is one of the hottest seasons for blockbusters to hit theaters, which means crowds will increase and theaters will be hiring extra help.

Visit any online job search engine and you will find plentiful movie theater jobs in every state across the nation. Positions are available in ticket sales, concessions, cleaning crew and security.

Most national theater companies, such as Cinemark, list employee expectations and benefits on their individual websites. Many include perks such as free movies, discounts on concessions and advancement opportunities. Managers and assistant managers are often eligible for health and dental plans, paid time off and other benefit packages.

The downside? Movies run all day, and late into the night. Though many of the companies’ websites indicate flexible scheduling, during the holidays, hours may not be as negotiable.

And, theaters are open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years’ Eve and New Years’ Day. As the newest employee on the roster you may not have your first choice of days off.

Still, while basic theater crew members generally make minimum wage, a quick review of many job openings shows that managers make upwards of $55,000 a year. A season of buckling down and working the extra hours could land you a permanent position, with better hours and better pay. 

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