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More Education Benefits Coming for Older Veterans

Lawmakers are attempting to find jobs for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as those from previous conflicts by offering incentives to employers and more education benefits to vets.

The president signed The Vow to Hire Heroes Act in November as a means of continuing to care for the nearly 900,000 unemployed veterans in the U.S.

The act also aims to improve the economy by rewarding businesses who hire veterans.

Businesses will receive a tax credit of up to $5,600 for hiring vets who have been job hunting for more than six months and a $2,400 credit for hiring vets who were unemployed for six months or less.

Another $9,600 in tax credits will be granted to companies who hire vets who not only have been unemployed for more than six months but who also have service-connected disabilities.

Roughly 100,000 unemployed veterans of wars previous to those in Iraq and Afghanistan will receive one year of additional Montgomery GI Bill benefits for education, training programs or technical schools. Lawmakers are trying to target vets between the ages of 35 and 64 who account for nearly two-thirds of all unemployed veterans.

Under the act, disabled veterans will receive one additional year of vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits.

The act will also allow service members to begin applying for federal jobs before leaving the military in an attempt to make their transition to civilian jobs in federal agencies more seamless.

The VA has not determined when they will begin accepting applications for the education program.

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