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Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out. - Coach John Wooden

When we met, sweet friends, I was just another Army wife trying to get through another, year-long deployment (never mind that it was the fifth). The deployment came and went and now, I am just another Army wife trying to figure out how to live with the soldier who has been away so long, raise somewhat adjusted children and maintain her sanity through fitness.

And then, the government shut down happened. I am not a political pundit and I don't feel that it is particularly appropriate to express my political views. What I do feel is appropriate is to tell you how this has affected my life.

The threat of not getting paid is scary for anyone, especially if you don't have any funds to fall back on. I am eternally grateful that threat was band-aided early-on. What I didn't expect to hurt so badly was the closing of the Commissary. I had gone shopping the day before, so that helped. However, there were four things that I needed to get during the closing, and the day I needed them, wouldn't you know, the power was out at Walmart. I had to make a trip to the local grocery store. Four items cost me $40. I thought I might pass out in the checkout lane, but I paid for the items and left. I realized that we had to make the best of the current situation and if that means eating things in the pantry that are not our favorite, clipping coupons or forgoing our favorite treats for a little bit, we can make it work.

But for me, the worst part of the shut down was that it threatened to cause the cancellation of the Marine Corps Marathon. It is to be my first marathon and the trip is planned. I have been training since July and I am thrilled to be running as a member of Team Fisher House. But after all of the sweat, miles and chaos that training has created, there were several weeks during the shutdown when the fate of the marathon was in limbo. Had Congress not come to a decision, I may not have been able to run.

So Coach Wooden, rather than worry, I took your advice! I decided, if the event was cancelled, I was going to use the money I would have spent to pad our accounts in case we don't get paid during future debt problems and then find another marathon to run in my Team Fisher House jersey. And now that the budget crisis is over, for now, I am going to shop judiciously and plan meals so that I am not in the Commissary every day.

I am going to make the best of the way things turn out!


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