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How to help military families displaced by Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael slammed into the Gulf Coast last week and destroyed much of Panama City and the surrounding area.

It also ripped through Tyndall Air Force Base. Officials there announced that every structure on base sustained some level of damage, including military family housing.

Families there were evacuated ahead of the storm and many cannot return for now. Many also lost their on-base homes and all their belongings in the storm.

Leaders in military spouse organizations organized a donation system before the storm was even fully over.

To send supplies to the families who are cleaning, rebuilding and re-settling after the devastating storm, volunteers from nearby bases in Alabama and Florida created two wish lists on Amazon and

Ordered items are being shipped to the Air Force Enlisted Village, a nearby non-profit organization. Staff there is distributing the donations to military families from the Tyndall AFB area.

To order items for hurricane victims, please visit:

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