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Have orders, will travel - after attending our PCS webinar!

Seven people. Roughly 4,000 miles. 3,500 pounds of luggage and not an ounce more. Bring no car or furniture.

Some PCS orders really read more like an insane game show challenge than an order to move.

When my husband was offered a position in Japan, these were the directions I was given to prepare for our PCS. Most civilians would melt into a pile of good given these stipulations. Military spouses, we just do it.

PCS season is upon us, otherwise known as summer in non-military speak.

On Monday, please tune in to our free webinar as seasoned military spouses and pro PCS’rs Sarah Young and Jan Childs discuss their best and worst PCS experiences and share the tips for making the most of your PCS move.

Ever wonder if you should feed the moving crew while they’re at your house? Should you pack your collectible plates yourself? What exactly are you supposed to do while they are packing?

We’re here to help you.

If you have a specific question, please log in and submit it. We will have time at the end to take as many questions as possible.  

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