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Halloween at the Office: Good Taste Over Ghoulish Wins

Political jokes, risqué costumes and grotesque props – oh my!

Halloween celebrated in bad taste at the office is the scariest ghoul you may encounter this season.

Halloween can be really fun in the workplace. We’ve all entered an office or store where the employees have banded together to create a whimsical group costume that makes their customers smile or even giggle.

But we’ve all also entered the scariest of haunts, the workplace that leaves its employees to their own devices on this potentially dangerous holiday.

Sure, most employees toe the line of civility and class. But there is always, always someone who leaves their fellow workers in the scary predicament of needing to decide who is going to politely explain that the sexy vampire costume is simply not appropriate. Nor, does it fit well.

Not sure if your costume is workplace appropriate? Follow these rules:

No politics – None. Period. The current political atmosphere is so emotionally charged that there are reports of voting trends ripping families apart. Wearing a costume to make fun of a politician you don’t support might cause feuding in the office or mark Halloween to be your last day on the job.

Skin – Don’t show it. Halloween does not mean all workplace dress codes are tossed to the winds. If your costume would be too short on a normal workday, it’s too short on Halloween. The same goes for the top half of the costume. If it’s too revealing, leave it at home.

Offensive – Does your costume make fun of a particular group of people? Then absolutely don’t wear it to the office. You might want to re-consider wearing it at all, anywhere. That’s just not nice.

Terrifying – Do you love Halloween because it gives you a reason to stream every scary movie in existence for 31 days straight? Great! But not everyone loves the ghoulish side of the celebration. Keep the spilling guts and ripped skin costumes away from the office.

Want to be the office Halloween hero? Think smart, creative and unusual rather than sexy and ghoulish. Need some ideas? Visit and type in the phrase office Halloween costumes for a neverending stream of creative, and simple, costume ideas for the workplace.  

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