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Finally, the Help That Millions of Family Members Deserve While Caring for Wounded Veterans

Community organizations, legislation and millions of dollars in aid from private corporations have been created to help wounded military warriors.

But the family members, neighbors and friends who often work around the clock to care for them and their injuries serve almost silently, with little aid. A study earlier this year by Rand Health estimates that 5.5 million people work tirelessly across the nation to care for our wounded - these are non-health professionals who are not receiving pay. The group estimates that 20 percent of those people are caring for veterans who served after the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

And these people, are exhausted.

Key points of the study:

- Post- 9/11 military caregivers miss, on average. 3.5 days of work per month, adding to their financial strain

- Nationwide this equals $5.9 billion in lost wages

- The risk for depression for these individuals is four times that of non-caregivers

- More than 30 percent of these caregivers lack health care coverage for their own medical needs

November is National Family Caregivers Month. It may be time to pause and see what we can do for those who continue to care for our warriors after the parades and homecomings are over.

Here are some resources for caregivers of military veterans:

VA Caregiver Support  

The Department of Veterans' Affairs has an internal department that focuses solely on individuals providing care to veterans. That department can match caregivers with a support coordinator who will help them find out what services they are eligible to receive and what other resources are available. Professionals here will also help caregivers enroll their veteran in an adult day health care center if the veteran is eligible and link them with VA medical staff who will come to the house for medical care.
This is especially helpful for veterans who are unable to travel easily.

Every Wednesday this month, the VA is hosting meditation activities for caregivers. Participants join the program via phone. Remaining sessions are Nov. 19 and Nov. 26. Caregivers are invited to call toll free 1-800-767-1750. When prompted, enter access code 73687 then press the # key.

Military caregivers can also call the support line at any time, 1-855-260-3274.

Caring for Military Families, The Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Organizers at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation have taken the words of the Rand study to heart. The organization hosts training sessions, which caregivers can attend in person or online, connects caregivers with their peers through a national support network and helps caregivers and veterans search for jobs. Click on the website above to learn more about the available programs.

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