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Families Spending Less on School Supplies This Year

Still checking the items off on your child’s school supply list? Still searching for the best deals?

So is everyone else.

A recent survey by the National Retail Federation shows that families are trying to spend less on back to school shopping this year. The survey found that average families will spend $634.78, down from last year’s average of $688.62.

Still, nationwide, back to school sales are expected to top $26.7 billion. And that’s not just money spent on paper and pencils.

Clothing and accessories top those lists, followed by electronics.

While most surveys found that parents spend an average of $100 per child, a Capital One survey found that as many as 21 percent spend $200 per child. The same 21 percent of parents, by the way, spend more each year on supplies than they save each year for their child’s college education.

And for those kids headed off to college, the back to school price tag is higher.

Families are expected to spend on average $836.83 for college supplies this year, down from last year’s average of $907.22, according to the National Retailers Association.

And, the best thing parents have to look forward to once school begins, besides that quiet cup of coffee after the bus leaves in the morning, is replacing all the perfect, new, school supplies.  

A report by shows that 80 percent of children will lose not just their pencils, but lunch boxes and clothing too.

The number one item lost throughout the school year: hats and gloves. Followed closely by school supplies, jackets and lunch boxes.

With that in mind, it may be time to hit those buy one, get one free sales. Happy Shopping!


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