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Don’t Panic

I woke up in Tokyo around 2 a.m., my bed shaking. Earthquake.

In Hawaii we had a gripping hour-long wait after a tsunami warning was issued and then recalled.

In North Carolina a vicious winter storm brought the entire east coast to a standstill. We were left without electricity for nearly a week. We didn’t have blankets or warm clothes either since the storm delayed our household goods’ delivery.

Now on the Gulf Coast, hurricane a’ coming. We’ve dragged the outdoor toys and furniture into the shed, parked cars away from heavy tree limbs, filled our cupboards and hoped for the best.

Military families have the distinct pleasure of moving not just between states but also weather patterns, and often, dangerous weather conditions.

Tornadoes and hurricanes and ice sheets, oh my!

Rule number one, don’t panic.

If you PCS’d this summer and haven’t looked over the website or Facebook page of the local National Weather Service, do. Get a feel for what weather emergencies or Mother Nature created havoc happens frequently in your new region.

Look over evacuation routes. Know where to call or go for help. Devise a plan.

Our schools released before lunch today so buses would not be caught in the onslaught of rain. My kids know if the rain has begun to fall, stay put, I’ll be in carline. If the skies are still dry, hop on the bus and head home. We had a plan. We followed it.

Discuss possible emergency situations with your children and your spouse. Be aware of local options and be willing to follow the advice of local responders. When they say evacuate, it’s not a suggestion. They know the area well, they know where the water rises.

Knowledge is power. When you know what you are doing, and why, as disaster strikes you will have a better chance of moving your family to safety.

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