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One of the things that I have learned in my 11 years as an Army Wife is how to embrace friendships. Our family has moved five times in those 11 years. The most time we have spent at a duty station was four and a half years. The least amount of time spent at a duty station was one year.

What I have learned in my short time as an Army Wife is that we are like trees. We stand strong where we are planted. Our roots are not deep but they are spread wide. Our branches are not only far reaching, but they envelope anyone and provide shelter to those who need it. Our branches are strong enough for not only our own children's swings but the swings of every child we know. We stay stalwart during the storms. We may bend to the point of doubling over, but it takes a lot for us to break. And that almost never happens!

When new people come into our lives, we are very accepting. We are the first to your door with a basket and a card with our contact information for you to use when you register your kids for school. We celebrate highs. We commiserate the lows and dance and cry with everything in between.

It is sometimes difficult for our civilian sisters to understand how Army wives can become such close friends so quickly, but you know we don't have a choice. Sometimes our sisters in arms are all we have.

Sweet friends, never miss a chance to make a new friend. You never know which one will be the one that your heart needs right at that moment.


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