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Co-workers on Facebook – uh oh

It happened.

Until now, I’ve managed to avoid sharing my Facebook life with a co-worker. Then, I had to create a Facebook page for my job and the clients I manage. My co-worker joined it. No big deal. It’s all official work-related info.

Then, she sent me a request to join my personal page.

Ummmmm ….. crud.

I was suddenly spinning out of control in the work vs Facebook conundrum.

If I deny her request, will it affect our relationship at work? If I accept her request, will it do the same? Will she scrutinize my posts and wonder why I was discussing my bizarre donut at breakfast instead of getting to work 3 minutes before the start bell rang?

Will she gossip about my days off with other co-workers? Let’s be honest, will she gossip about how boring my days off are with my co-workers? Pictures of tearing out the flower beds and giving my dog a bath aren’t exactly scandal material.

Will she attack me for my personal stances in support of gay marriage and other issues, which are mentioned on my page but have no visibility in my workspace?

I was stuck.

I personally like the giant dividing line I have drawn between my work space and my home life. But I also feared the nasty repercussions that may come with avoiding this woman’s social media request.

So, I hit, “accept.”

And I haven’t posted on Facebook since.

And, I have no good answers to fix this.

So, good reader, do you share Facebook space with your co-workers? Or do you keep them at bay with a thanks but no thanks?

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