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Welcome Home signHomecoming! Time to write all over the windows of your car and drape decorated bedsheets across the front of the house as a testament to your love for your returning service member!

I personally love homecoming signs and there are spouses out there with some definite talent for creating them. Every time I drive through Camp Lejuene, N.C., I slow down as I pass the fence line where families hang their welcome home banners. It is pure joy blowing in the breeze.

I, however, am not one of those creative spouses. Our homecoming banners, while colorful, often looked like little more than a jumble of awkwardly shaped, red, white and blue letters. Was it appreciated? Sure. But after seven homecomings, I wanted something a little more, oh, I don't know, legible, dangling outside my front door.

A national sign company made that happen for us, and can for you too.

Build A Sign has been creating welcome home banners for troops' families for years and sending them out, for free. In all, the company has donated 275,000 banners to families to welcome home their loved ones from war.

The company allows families to visit its website, choose one of 15 designs and even upload photos for the design. The first 3'x6' or 2'x4' banner is free. Families can also choose a 18"x24" jumbo card to place in their yard instead.

The banners cost nearly $40 each, but under the company's military homecoming program, that cost is waived. Families only pay the $12.50 shipping cost, quite the bargain for a custom homecoming banner that is hardy and legible.

We ordered one years ago after my husband's third deployment. The heavy duty vinyl withstood four more homecomings and several PCS moves.

So if your service member is coming home this year, order your sign soon. Each is custom made and can take several weeks for delivery. And when it arrives, hang it with pride.

Thank you Build a Sign for your great website and service to our military families! 

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