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More GI Bill Changes Are Here

On Aug. 1 the Post-9/11 GI Bill underwent a host of changes, both good and bad.

A new round of changes take effect this month and there is a lot for students to be excited about. The new benefits were made as part of the Post-9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Improvements Act of 2010.

Supporters of the act said the new rules will make the educational program easier to understand and use. Here is a breakdown of the changes, effective Oct. 1:

  • National Guard members who served under Title 32 of the U.S. Code for duties or under section 502(f) for national emergencies, and who have served since Aug. 1, 2009, are now eligible to receive benefits.
  • The program is expanded to include more types of education including:
    • Non-college degree programs at non-degree granting schools to include in-state tuition and fees or $17,500, whichever is less and $83 per month for books and supplies.
    • Apprenticeship and on-the-job program participants will be paid a monthly amount based on their time in the program and up to $83 a month for books and supplies.
    • Flight school costs will be paid, either the in-state tuition and fees or $10,000 per academic year, whichever is less.
    • Correspondence courses will be covered at the rate assessed for in-state tuition and fees or $8,500 per academic year, whichever is less.
  • Students not on active duty who are enrolled in distance learning will receive a housing allowance. Eligible students will receive up to $673.50 per month.
  • Active duty students will have their books paid for, up to $1,000 a year.

Many of the changes, both those that took effect this month and those that came earlier this year, may mean a change in benefits that either raises the amount of money a student receives or lowers it. To have your individual benefits assessed, visit your local education office or go online to

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