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Walmart, more than greeting customers

Last week when Walmart officials announced the chain’s goal to higher 100,000 veterans in the next five years I dismissed the news.

“Great”, I thought. “My husband will love working the layaway counter and refolding underwear.”

But apparently, there is more to Walmart than those snazzy blue vests.

Check out,, a website dedicated to veterans looking for work and looking to Walmart to give it to them.

The site lists military jobs such as aviation, mechanics and intelligence and links you to the jobs in their company that might match that skill set.

There are jobs off the sales floor in finance, public affairs, as a corporate fraud examiner, mechanic and aviator. Corporate pilot is listed under job opportunities available with the company.

There are jobs in North America, Europe and Asia.

There’s even a section dedicated to the hiring of spouses.

The program kicks off Memorial Day. Officials said at that time any honorable discharged veteran in their first 12 months off active duty will be offered a job.

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