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How to Find Independent Contractor Jobs

If our previous post on independent contracting as a portable career option piqued your interest, your next question is probably “great, but where would I find these types of opportunities?” The good news: more and more organizations, from large, established corporations to small start-ups, are beginning to realize that independent contractors can be a great solution to staffing up on demand. Because of that demand, there are more and more online clearinghouses where organizations can post their open contract jobs and you can find the projects and clients that fit your skills.

Most of these sites post both freelance (shorter-term) and contract (longer-term) project opportunities, and often offer you the opportunity to post your skills profile as well as browse open projects. They range from clearinghouses that cover a wide variety of skills (for example, to ones that focus on a specific skill area, such as IT, or profession, like nursing.

Comprehensive Freelance/Independent Contractor Sites


Fewer jobs listed as “independent contractor” than the other general sites, but allows you filter by type of work, company, city, and state.


Elance’s business model is a bit different in that it functions as an intermediary between you and the client, vetting your skills and making sure you get paid. For a fascinating look at who’s doing what types of projects (and what they’re getting paid), see “The State of the Freelance Market – September 2012.”


Search on “independent contractor” and the type of work you’re interested in.


A recent search on “independent contractor” brought up over 20,000 hits.

Simply Hired

Search on “independent contractor,” the type of work you’re interested in, and the location if your work isn’t virtual or online.

Specialized Freelance/Independent Contractor Sites

There are usually a number of job sites for almost any type of work you’d like to pursue, and the best way to find them is to simply search on “independent contractor jobs,” “contract jobs,” or “project work” and the type of work you’re interest in using your favorite search engine (such as Google). This will bring up both targeted job sites that include contract work as well as those focused solely on contract work, if they exist in your field.

Examples of these types of specialized or niches job sites include:


For IT and engineering jobs of all types, including those for independent contractors.

Media Bistro

For freelance and contract writing, content development, social media, and website design projects.

PhyAmerica Government Services

Healthcare jobs, healthcare staffing and expertise for the government sector, with a separate category dedicated to Independent Contracting.

Lastly, consider checking the websites of any companies for which you’re interested in doing contract and search on “independent contractor jobs,” “contract jobs,” or “project work” to see what may be listed. In these days of streamlining workforces, i.e., laying tons of people off, organizations often find they’re left without the necessary skill sets when they need them. You may be just the answer they’re looking for in a specific area.

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