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Free Summer Events for Military Families

No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers’ dirty looks! School is out and now the pressure is on moms and dads everywhere to keep boredom at bay for the next two to three months.

While every summer day can’t, and shouldn’t be, a costly, time consuming outing, museums and parks across the nation are offering sweet deals to military families this summer.

Deployment Soundtrack: Celebration

Kool and the Gang, 1980

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Sweet friends, we made it!

PCS Season: Are we there yet?

No less than nine moving trucks lined our street in base housing this week.

The screech of packing tape being pulled across boxes echoed along the avenue.

Are we there yet?

It is PCS season: time for new friends, new adventure and the bittersweet goodbye that comes with leaving behind those who have supported us through thick and thin.

Natural Disasters: Are You Prepared?

Moving to far flung locations is great for your scrapbook. It’s not so great if you have no idea how to prepare for a hurricane, tornado, tsunami or other natural disaster common to your new home.

We were in Hawaii all of six months when the tsunami sirens wailed. Ummm. Huh. And on an island you, go, where?


Deployment Soundtrack: Where You Are 2.0
Where You Are

Gavin DeGraw, 2011

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Homefront Spouse: Settling In

We have been in North Carolina for 10 days. The movers came and went, everything is unpacked and slowly finding a place in our new house. My husband is back in the swing of work and is coming home late every day. 

It's been an exhausting week but we are happy. Tired, but happy. Still, there were definitely bumps along the way.

Warning: PCS Season ahead

Is it really a coincidence that PCS season coincides with hurricane season? Like a storm, a PCS move can turn your world upside down in a very short amount of time.

PCS. The three letters can spell disaster, joy, new opportunities or new hurdles. Most seasoned military wives have had easy PCS and the proverbial PCS from hell. The only constant is that as long as you are a military family, you will, at some point, PCS.

An Ode to a Cubicle

Let me say upfront, I really enjoy working from home.

I am incredibly lucky to have found not just a company I believe in, but who has given me the opportunity to work with co-workers I love, all from the comfort of my kitchen table.

However, I miss my cubicle.

There, I said it.

Deployment Soundtrack: Changes

3 Doors Down, 2002

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Nothing is constant, except change.

Deployment Coping

I sat down to e-mail my husband last week. It is my little, daily ritual that sometimes makes me feel like I’m keeping a teenage diary again.

After all, it’s largely a one-way conversation. Often it is weeks, sometimes months, before I get a reply.


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