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Deployment Soundtrack: Conquer Me
Conquer Me

Blues Traveler, 1993

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The College Spouse: School Is In For Summer

The summer is super busy for me and my family as I continue to attend school and my kids head to summer camp. 

I organize my summer schedule the same way that I do my fall and spring schedule – completely around my kids and their activities. This summer, however, my husband is scheduled to return from deployment so I need to throw that into the mix as well.

Are You Aware?

I am officially all-awared out.

Anyone who has spent more than four weeks in a military base knows that each month is designated as (insert cause here) awareness month!

There are seminars. There are lunches. There are cultural events. There is sign-holding at the gate to promote, or discourage, that cycle’s chosen cause/nemesis.

I get it. The official designation can help spread the much needed word about conditions, disease, history, etc.  But it can be a little overwhelming.

Deployment Soundtrack: A Soldier's Wife
A Soldier's Wife

Roxy Dean, 2005

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Homefront Spouse: Back to the Grind

Our calendar is beginning to fill with trainings, late nights and weekend work hours for my Marine.

Initially, the conversation between my husband and I about this new job and all that it entails stung a little bit. Long hours and nights apart are nothing new, but a year together while he attended school spoiled us all.

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The White House has pushed the issue of improving the mental health of military members and their families to front and center stage.

Tackling Mental Health Issues

Last week the White House hosted the National Conference on Mental Health. President Obama announced that money, specialists and efforts would be poured into the Veterans Affairs Department in an effort to get help to every veteran and family member who needs it.

It is a gallant step in the right direction.

Deployment Soundtrack: Hurricane

Bridgit Mendler, 2012

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This week I had planned to write about trying to break back into the business world. Starting from what seemed like scratch is hard on the soul and the mind. But then something happened ...

Adjustment, Over

My husband has been deployed six weeks now.  This is when the adjustment period is supposed to be over, right? Well, at least that’s usually what happens around here.  We’ve done this so many times that I know the general pattern of it and this last week was week 6: Hell Week. 

Retirement Chronicles: Living in housing? No need to pack, yet

That last day in the military is coming on fast and furious. And some of you don’t have a job. Or a place to live.

You don’t need to shack up with your in-laws or pick a hotel to call home. Retirees have 11 months from their last day in service to move out of government housing.

Say it with me, yeehaw!


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