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New Study Finds Moms Multitask More Than Dads; Moms Say “Duh”

Currently, I am stirring cookie batter for tomorrow’s school bake sale, rocking my one-month old, writing this story and somewhere in the back of my head I am calculating how much my overspending at the commissary this morning is going to mess with this month’s budget.

It is 11:39 at night.

My husband headed to bed about an hour ago after loading his gear into his truck and then letting the dog out to go to the bathroom.

More Education Benefits Coming for Older Veterans

Lawmakers are attempting to find jobs for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as those from previous conflicts by offering incentives to employers and more education benefits to vets.

The president signed The Vow to Hire Heroes Act in November as a means of continuing to care for the nearly 900,000 unemployed veterans in the U.S.

The act also aims to improve the economy by rewarding businesses who hire veterans.

Iraq – Over on the Frontlines, Not at Home

The last American soldiers have left Iraq. That is excellent news.

The problems have just begun at home. This is not news to military spouses.

Many of the thousands of soldiers who have served in Iraq have not deployed just once. They’ve gone three, four, even five times to the desert frontlines.

Roadside bombs and IED attacks have left wounds on their bodies and their minds. Suicide rates continue to skyrocket as they try to return to normal life.

MyCAA Funding Slashed, but program not necessarily in danger

 Last week the Department of Defense asked the Senate to cut $120 million from the Military Spouse Career Advancement program for fiscal year 2012.

Sources told and other media outlets that the cuts do not mean the program will be changed, but rather that fewer spouses are using the scholarships, meaning less money is needed.

Deployment Stories Worth Their Weight In Diamonds

 Just in time for the holidays, Helzberg Diamonds has launched the “Helzberg Heroes I Am Loved® Contest”.

The contest is open to active duty military, reservists and retired military as well as their families. Submit your stories on how your family or community made you feel while you or your family member was serving our country. Or, describe what you have done to show your family you love them while you are away.

The lucky winner will be awarded a $10,000 shopping spree at any Helzberg Diamonds store.

A Message from Ed Dennis

On this Veterans Day, I can’t help but think of the family members like you that support modern day heroes, and all the sacrifices you endure.  To honor all military spouses, Bryant & Stratton College is recognizing the spouses of those that serve by increasing the Salute to Spouses Scholarship Program to now include National Guard and Reserve spouses.  The hardships they bear when their husband/wife deploys from their home community is just as difficult as the hardship experienced by spouses of active duty service members.

Spouse Spotlight: Meet Jennetta Hill

For nine years, Jennetta Hill has been proud to call herself an Army wife. The mother of two is currently attending Bryant & Stratton College Online as a Salute to Spouses scholarship recipient and resides at Fort Drum, NY with her family. 

Tell us about your journey through military life.

I met my spouse in my hometown of Ashland, KY. We have been married for 9 years, and have two beautiful children, Megan 17, and Xaiver 3. Our journey through military life has landed us here at Fort Drum, NY and through one deployment in Iraq.

Farewell eArmyU

In 2001, laptops were too expensive for most soldiers to purchase. College classes were offered mainly on physical campuses. And the notion of going to school online was foreign, and well, strange.

Ten years has turned the traditional notion of higher education upside down. Technology has created lecture halls on dining room tables and in barracks rooms. Students are logging in to class, rather than walking there. And eArmyU, well, it served us well, but the antiquated system has reached its retirement age.

Marine Corps TA Changes

The amount of tuition assistance the Marine Corps is offering its’ troops has changed, and not for the better.

As of Oct. 1, 2011, the following rules apply:

Virtual Career Fairs Coming For Spouses and Veterans

Are you looking for a job in the United States, but living in Japan?

Fret not. You can make an impression on potential employers from 4,000 miles away - and in your jammies.

UBM Studios/Milicruit , based in Chicago, regularly hosts virtual career fairs to give military spouses and veterans an opportunity to network with companies across the U.S. no matter where they are stationed.


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