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Deployment Soundtrack: Don’t Stop Believin’

Don’t Stop Believin’
Journey, 1981
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PCS Webinar: Advice From the Experts

PCS season is upon us. And this year, you don’t have to pack alone.

Check out the Salute to Spouses webinar , “Is it Supposed to Be Like This?: Military Spouses Share Tips for Surviving the Upcoming, Summer PCS”.

The session, now available at our Webinar page, features two career Army wives and contributors, Jan Childs and Sarah Young.

The pair has more than 10 moves between them and have shipped their household goods across the state and across the sea.

Deployment Soundtrack: Who Are You?

Who Are You?
The Who, 1978p>
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Lost Wedding Album: Today's Message in a Bottle

I love a good story. I enjoy it even more when it highlights the altruistic nature of our community that is so often buried beneath the doom and gloom of people behaving badly.

Check out this feel good tale of a Marine sergeant and his bride who left their wedding album in a Fort Myers, Fla., airport in 2007. An airport employee found the book and refused to dump the gorgeous photos of the couple’s beach wedding in the trash or the lost and found.

Deployment Soundtrack: Here I Go Again
Here I Go Again


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Here we go again. That really is what I thought as I pulled out the camera and lined everyone up to quickly take a picture of my favorite soldier and his kids before they got on the bus for school. This picture would commemorate the start of our fifth (gulp) deployment.

Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood

Every time we pack up for another PCS move, I secretly wish I could load my friends right into the boxes.  In the short two to three years we spend in each location, I always find a tight group of gals who I can both laugh and cry with. They love my children like their own. They accept my crazy, scheduled life. They come running to my house for the good times and the bad. And in either case, they always bring a bottle of wine. No matter how much I loved or hated the duty station, these women were the reason it was difficult to leave.

Have orders, will travel - after attending our PCS webinar!

Seven people. Roughly 4,000 miles. 3,500 pounds of luggage and not an ounce more. Bring no car or furniture.

Some PCS orders really read more like an insane game show challenge than an order to move.

When my husband was offered a position in Japan, these were the directions I was given to prepare for our PCS. Most civilians would melt into a pile of good given these stipulations. Military spouses, we just do it.

PCS season is upon us, otherwise known as summer in non-military speak.

Have Doctors, Will Travel: VA Adds More Mobile Vet Centers

In 2011, 190,000 veterans and their families made over 1.3 million visits to VA Vet Centers.

There’s a good chance that thousands more never had the chance to go.

There are currently 300 VA Centers sprinkled across the country. But for veterans who live too far from these centers, or who don’t have the means to travel to one, medical care can become a luxury, not a necessity.

This year the VA added 20 mobile vet centers to their fleet of mobile doctors to help even the most far-flung veterans.

Free Photo Book for Deployed Servicemembers

Are you still sweating out a deployment while waves of soldiers roll in from Iraq?

It can be tough to smile amid all the happiness when you are still enduring the pain of separation.

A free photo book program through the USO can help to shorten that distance, at least in pictures.

The USO has partnered with RocketLife to allow military family members to create a custom photo book and have it shipped to their deployed service member. The full-color books are small enough to fit in a cargo pocket and hold more than 60 photos.

STS Editor, Allison Perkins featured in HLNTV's Salute to Spouses Series

We are so proud to have our very own Allison Perkins featured in this week's Salute to Spouses series on The Salute to Spouses series profiles the lives of men and women who hold down the fort at home while their loved ones serve their country.


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