Websites we love: 40 Bags in 40 Days

The season of Lent begins today, a time when Christians focus on simple living in the 40 days before Easter. Often, many people give up a perk or something they enjoy during this time to help focus on their religious studies.

Whether you practice Lent or not, the website 40 Bags in 40 Days is an awesome idea. It is tied to the idea of Lent and literally cleaning out your house and giving away everything you no longer need.

Our Favorite Website: Military One Source, FREE Tax Help

Tax season, ugh. Free stuff, good!

Now, you can have free stuff, during tax season.

Military OneSource offers free tax preparation for active duty military members, recent retirees and several other categories of qualified, military-related individuals.

Websites We Love: Tenant Screening by USAA

The new year has come, the holiday boxes are stuffed away and that can only mean one thing, thousands of military families are preparing to receive their new orders and PCS this summer.

For military homeowners, this can be the most grueling time of year.

To rent or sell? Who to rent to? What if it doesn't rent or sell?

USAA has a page for members that can make this tumultuous time a little less exhausting.

Websites We Love: Official NORAD Santa Tracker

While many military members are on a limited holiday schedule, the folks at NORAD are hard at work, tracking Santa and his eight tiny reindeer.

The tradition began more than 50 years ago when a newspaper advertisement for Sears Roebuck & Co. in Colorado misprinted the telephone number for children to call Santa. The tots dialed the phone expecting the jolly old elf to answer and instead, they reached the CONAD Commander-in-chief’s operations line.

Websites We Love: Black Friday Discount Lists

What is better than getting a great Black Friday deal? Getting the deal and an additional military discount on top!

Savvy shoppers are already combing the online ads for the best Black Friday deals. As a military member or spouse, be certain to not just look for the best deals offered on Friday, but also what stores are offering a military discount on top of those deals, shrinking your total cost even more.

Websites we love: Military Funeral Honors

It’s the topic no one wants to talk about; especially not the 20-something wife of a soldier.

Funeral arrangements. Not a happy topic, not an easy topic, but at some point, everybody has to face this reality. That day will be easier if you have some preparation.

And military funerals are quite a production. They are gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring all at once. And our personal opinion is that every single veteran who has served deserves the full honor afforded to them.

Websites We Love:

Many adult students remember checking the board in the guidance counselor's office for scholarship opportunities or reading about them in the local paper. The process was slower, kinder, gentler.

But today, those opportunities will fly past you and possibly smack you in the face as they truck on by if you are not careful. There are thousands of scholarships available for students and now the competition isn't just local. It is nationwide and it is fierce.

Websites we love: Job fair listings

Looking for a job fair? Don't know where to start? The job fair may be local but the listings are hanging out in cyberspace.

Your best bet for finding a job fair near you is to first check our listing, posted the first week of every month. If you happen to miss that, you can go straight to the organizations that host the events.

Websites We Love: Great and U.S News & World Report

How many schools have your kids attended since starting kindergarten?

Military kids change schools a lot, that's no secret. What often is hard to find is the best schools at your new duty station, especially if you live off base. There are two websites that we love that can help make the processing of choosing a school much easier.

Websites We Love: Back To School Humor

Welcome back! We know it’s the first day of school and you may have the jitters, you may be nervous or you may have the utmost confidence. In any case, your day just became a lot busier.

Now begins the months of finishing dinner, your homework, your kids’ homework and all their afterschool activities in the same three-hour span – every single night. Now begins the late nights when your homework didn’t quite get finished.


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