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“TA DA!” Came the exclamation from the kitchen, at 6:30 am.

Chicago is a City, Not a Style – Know Your Writing Styles to Make Academic Writing Easier

Well, only part of that is true.

Chicago is a city. However, it is also a style of writing.

It is one of the three writing styles that are required for almost every paper that we will ever write in our academic lives. The format that is required for a research paper is usually specific to a subject field. 

Sounds easy, right? Well, the explanation is pretty much where the ease ends. And although things can get a little (actually, a lot) murkier, don’t panic. Why? Because I like to work smarter, not harder.

Testing Study Sites

If a major test with a well-known acronym is in your future, the right preparation can set you up to maximize your score. There’s a range of free online tools to help you assess your current knowledge level, build on it and bone up on smart test-taking strategies.

College prep tests

How Using Outlines for Academic Writing Can Save Your Sanity

Recently, a student in search of an editor for a research paper contacted me. During our initial consultation, I asked her for her working outline. Much to my sadness, rather than handing me a piece of paper, she responded with an expression usually reserved for individuals stricken with deep confusion.

And when I say “deep confusion,” I mean a complete and total loss of functional thought.

Academic Writing: Seems Legit

There are a number of websites that are available when doing research for a paper or project. You can Google any phrase and buckets of information come pouring out. 

Military Myth Busters

There’s a lot of unbelievable things that we witness as military wives, but sometimes the things we hear are just the stuff of modern fairy tales. Staff writer Sandra Moyer is here to dust the darkness off those closely held, widely believed rumors in our new monthly column, military myth busters.

Apps for Students: Part One

Three years ago, when I started college, I learned …well, I learned a lot of things. But one of the most important things I learned was that writing assignments and their due dates in a planner did not work for me, and neither did physically carrying everything I needed to study effectively.

Why didn’t it work, you ask? 

Where is the best place to buy my book?

I’ve been Googling school supplies lately, the internets have deemed all of their “suggestions” for me be scholarly in nature. One of the recent suggestions was an app called “Titto”, which is supposed to be an alternative to purchasing or renting books through, say, Amazon or Chegg.

PCS Checklist: Unpack, Take the Bar Exam

Elizabeth Jamison has taken the bar exam twice in two different states. And now, she’s preparing to take it again, in a third state. Each time, she has aced it.

Three bar exams? The extra pressure, study time and cost – crazy you say? It’s the life of a dedicated military spouse who is also a dedicated attorney.

Post it Notes: Here’s how to start (and continue) a good, online class discussion

“Publish or perish!” used to be the lament of academia in the pre-digital age. While the delivery system may be different, students and instructors still make their grades with the written word. As an online student, that means crafting discussion posts that are thoughtful and grammatically correct.


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