Lose Job Due to PCS? File for Unemployment

During PCS you move away from friends, lose your favorite hair salon and sometimes, have to walk away from a job you love.

The sting cuts deeper because you lose a career you may have loved, as well as the income that comes with it. The Military Officers Association of America reports that military spouses lose six to nine months of income after a PCS move as they search for another job.

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Make a POA Your First Priority

Rookie military wife mistake. I am afraid to type it because I do not want to jinx myself and the troubles that may come because of it.

PCS = Extra Expenses, How You Can Be Prepared

PCS moves, inevitably, cost military families money.

Yes, the military pays to ship your household goods, your car and, eventually, will reimburse you those hotel charges.

But what about eating in restaurants for a week? What about replacing many of the non-moveable items like spices, food and cleaning supplies.

The Art of Selling Used Textbooks

Recently, I cleaned out a lot of textbooks. An entire shelf that included tomes on everything from American history to nutrition. Out of curiosity, I googled the phrase “book buyback” and each book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number). 

Bam. There is money to be made here.

Moving? Need Utilities? Look Here First!

Ugggh, PCS. So much to do.

Did you ever wish you had a secretary to make some of those phone calls on your seemingly endless list? The elementary school, MWR, license bureau, rental agency, electric company, cable company - does it ever end!

Poof! Your wish has been granted

USAA members, and let's face it, most families that include a uniformed member are members, have access to a nifty tool on the USAA website that has already price-checked the utilities in every major location across the U.S.

Books – The Budget Killer You May Not Have Anticipated

Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small. Sometimes they’re hardback, sometimes they’re squishy. Sometimes they’re spiral bound and sometimes they’re loose-leaf. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. 

Sigh. Textbooks. 

PCS Webinar: Advice From the Experts

PCS season is upon us. And this year, you don’t have to pack alone.

Check out the Salute to Spouses webinar , “Is it Supposed to Be Like This?: Military Spouses Share Tips for Surviving the Upcoming, Summer PCS”.

The session, now available at our Webinar page, features two career Army wives and Salutetospouses.com contributors, Jan Childs and Sarah Young.

The pair has more than 10 moves between them and have shipped their household goods across the state and across the sea.

Have orders, will travel - after attending our PCS webinar!

Seven people. Roughly 4,000 miles. 3,500 pounds of luggage and not an ounce more. Bring no car or furniture.

Some PCS orders really read more like an insane game show challenge than an order to move.

When my husband was offered a position in Japan, these were the directions I was given to prepare for our PCS. Most civilians would melt into a pile of good given these stipulations. Military spouses, we just do it.

PCS season is upon us, otherwise known as summer in non-military speak.


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