December Job Fairs - Holidays are for Merriment and Networking

The holidays are here! What better time to network with friends and families as you gather for holiday parties and fun!

A recent survey by Linkedin showed that 85 percent of respondents secured their current job through networking. Similar surveys have had similar results. The lesson: if you need a job, talk to others!

Pre-Holiday Weeks a Great Time to Job Hunt

The coming of Thanksgiving and Christmas means more than turkey and presents. It means jobs. And lots of them.

Retailers expect to add as many holiday jobs as they did last year, over 738,000 across the nation. The difference this year is that many of those positions are shifting from the checkout line to the warehouse.

As retailers continue to see an uptick in online shopping, they must meet that demand with more employees at call centers, warehouses and on delivery routes.

Upcoming Military Spouse Only Job Fairs

Your kids are back to school. Isn’t it time for you to head back to work?

Every month the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosts job fairs across the nation for military members and spouses. No id card, no entry.

This means employers are there to hire you. They know you will eventually move again. They know you’ve had four addresses in six years. They also know that as a military spouse you have developed strong workplace skills.

And they want you.

August Job Fairs

If you PCS’d this summer you’ve probably unpacked your boxes and settled into your new quarters.

Why not start looking for a new job?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation continues to host hiring fairs across the country every month that are open only to military members and their spouses.

These companies know the skills that military spouses grow over their many moves and career changes and are looking to have them join their companies, even if for just a short while.

So, dig out that resume and your best outfit. You may just find the perfect job.

Hiring Fairs in July

Summer is one of the worst times of year to look for a job.

That is, according to experts at,  a website dedicated to job searching. According to experts there, there is a drop in hiring during the summer months because staff vacations hinder recruiting efforts.

Lucky for you, you're a military spouse. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is holding hiring fairs across the country all summer long to help you find employment.

Job Fairs in June

When you pack your suitcase for your upcoming PCS, don’t forget to pack your best business attire. Hiring Our Heroes is hosting job fairs across the nation this summer and are specifically looking for military spouses like you!

These job fairs are different because the employers who are there already know you are a military spouse. They already know you will have three different addresses in four years. They already know you will probably leave them in two to three years.

And that, is ok.

They also know that you are talented, tested and worthy.

May Job Fairs Coming – Are You Registered?

PCS season is upon us. That means, if you need a job at your new duty station, you need to start looking, now.

If you can manage to travel to one of these job fairs hosted by the U.S. Chamber Foundation, you will be one step ahead.

The foundation hosts job fairs across the United States that are specifically open to only military members, veterans and their spouses.

Employers who attend want to hire these individuals because they know the valuable skillset that being a military member or military family member gives them.

Be Prepared for These Upcoming Job Fairs

Employers are gearing up to hire military spouses at these job fairs, are you ready to give them your best?

Every month the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosts military spouse only job fairs around the nation. The employers who attend know the great assets that military spouses can bring to their companies and they are there to hire.

Remember, dress for success, bring plenty of copies of your resume and don’t forget to register! These job fairs have a limit on the number of participants allowed and they fill up fast! Click on the link to register.

Good luck!

Spring is Coming, Are you Ready for the Job Fair?

Looking for a job?

Spring is coming. And that means, everyone who was waiting for the long cold winter to end, is hitting the pavement too.

One of the best places to start is a military spouse only job fair, sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. These job fair feature employers who work nationally and locally. The fair travels across the country each year to different cities and military bases.

Spouse Only Hiring Fairs in February

It’s cold and dreary outside, but inside these hiring fairs, it is warm, cozy and the perfect time to find a job!

These military spouse only hiring fairs, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation are held monthly across the country. National and local businesses attend specifically because they know the skills that military spouses bring to the table.

Be sure to click on the website for the individual location and register. You must be pre-registered to attend and spots fill up quick! Bring a stack of copies of your resume and dress for success!


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