Employers, Take Note: The U.S. Navy is the Biggest Supporter of New Moms Are You Willing to Do the Same?

Five years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, a client of mine hoisted in a big gift bag one day.

It was filled with hand-knit and hand-sewn baby blankets and embroidered hoodie towels and washcloths.

It was such a touching gift, especially considering she was a mother herself and an active-duty sailor.

Throughout my pregnancy, she told me about delivering and caring for her first child, all while she served her country.

Beating the Summer Bored Blues

By Tiffany Shedd

Summer is upon us. The kids have been out of school for a few weeks. And, I bet you’re already tired of hearing “I’m bored”.

It doesn’t matter if your child is special needs or not, they all feel it is their inalienable right to never be bored. They may have hundreds of toys, videogames, DVDs and Netflix account, but, they will still claim they are bored.

Hopefully, I can give you a few ideas on how to keep them busy enough that they won’t have time to be bored.

Bad Local Schools Could Spur Military to Shut Down Local Base

Not happy with the local schools at your next duty station?

Schools that are performing below state standards could soon pay for their downfalls.

The Military Times reports that as officials decide what bases to close, they may take a closer look at what the nearby public schools have to offer military children. Schools that rate as subpar may be the deciding factor in closing that base.

Spotty Internet Service Makes Mom Long for Old Neighborhood

Cable and Internet in our neighborhood is spotty.

I sometimes think we should specialize in dropped calls, channel black-outs, and error messages instead of boasting about our community pool and our shiny, enforced “No Soliciting” signs.

Last year, I once had to call the cable company because we had continually dropped service for two weeks.  During the debacle, I realized that the company wouldn’t charge me for days, weeks, or months in which they had been unable to provide service.

The Duggar Drama: Viewers Feel Disgust, And Guilt

I unabashedly admit that while my husband is deployed, I watch 19 Kids & Counting.

I don’t know what it is.  I wear pants, dated my husband for years before marrying him and have cable TV.  It’s not exactly like I identify with them.

But the sheer management it must take to handle that many children fascinates me, I guess.

And the fact that my husband rolls his eyes at yet another ridiculous reality TV show when he is home means that while he’s gone, it gets to be my guilty pleasure.

I have watched it faithfully when he’s gone and have for years.

Keep Your Mental and Physical Self Healthy

By Tiffany Shedd

Did you know that May was Mental Health Awareness month?

The spotlight was shone on what is often pushed into the dark because of the stigmas attached to this subject. We’ve come a long way from some questionable mental health practices (forced lobotomies, women being put into asylums for postpartum, etc.) but the topic of mental health is still taboo. No one wants anyone to think they’re “crazy”. Sometimes, though, it is harder to try maintain the status quo than to ask for help.

Don’t Want to Owe Taxes in 2016? Do Your Homework Now

Were you caught off-guard when you carefully documented every expense and deduction on your tax return, only to find out that you owed the government money?

Now is the perfect time to recalculate, reassess and regroup to try and avoid any surprises the next time April 15 rolls around.

Things the average taxpayer might not think of, like self-employment income or the profit from selling personal property, are what often lead to owing taxes.

The Dutiful Wife - Just Part of Military Life

A few years ago, when my husband re-enlisted, I was told that I was to attend the ceremony and be awarded some certificate, simply for being married to him.

You see, in the Navy, when a sailor re-enlists, his wife also gets recognized for her contribution and sacrifice.

Which seems nice, unless, you’re eight weeks pregnant, with a 1-year-old, in July, at an outdoor pavilion where the temperature seemed to be about 135 degrees.  Standing outside in my first trimester during the heat made me sway.  Then puke as my knees buckled. 

It wasn’t pretty.

Children's Imaginations Fill In Gaps When They Don't Know Where Daddy Deploys

We were getting ready for dinner when my 2-year-old stopped me.

“Mama!” she cried.  “Mama! Where’s Daddy’s food?”

I stopped, puzzled.  My husband has been deployed for months and months.  He hasn’t eaten a meal here in even longer.  I hadn’t set a place for him in ages, let alone made him up a plate of food like the rest of the family.

But my toddler kept on going.

“Mama!  Daddy’s food! What Daddy eatin’?”

She was pleading with me for an answer.

Home Appraisal, One of the Trickiest Steps in Home Buying

By Mandy Rebmann

When I heard the voicemail left by my real estate agent, a chill ran through me.  We knew the VA appraisal had been completed, and were waiting to hear if there were any major issues.  Anyone who has been through the home-buying process knows the appraisal step can often go wrong.


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