Beautiful Boxes, Not the PCS Kind

It’s hip to be square these days. The market has exploded with monthly box deliveries of ready to make meals, dog treats and baby toys, a blessing for military families overseas whose shopping choices may be limited.

Mark one more item off your shopping list: beauty supplies. Glamorous, big name brands such as Sephora will deliver the monthly box of goodies to your door, but so will Walmart and Target. Most will deliver to overseas APO and FPO addresses.

Homeschool for Kids, and Mom, Makes Life Better

By Amy Nielsen

We woke up this morning to see Papa off to work early for a change so no breakfast games at our house. He works a second shift job and has morning duties with our daughters so I can finish my school work. This usually means he makes breakfast, packs lunch, and sorts out what stuff we need for our lessons. We homeschool and at this time of year, school is usually at a local playground or library.

Concentration Problems? There’s a drink for that.

By Christine Cioppa

Having a hard time concentrating? Feeling like coursework is tougher than normal? You may need more water.

Breakfast plus Holiday plus Homework Equals Mess

Here we are in the second week of school, away from home at Nana’s house. And, it’s now Friday, 0600 on Memorial Day weekend and I have not yet started on either of my school work lessons or my blog!

Perhaps taking classes the month before summer starts with two very active homeschool children wasn’t my smartest move.

Museums Offer Free Admission to Military

Have you made your vacation or PCS travel plans yet?

Don’t finalize a thing until you check out the extensive list of museums across the nation that are offering free admission to military families this summer.

Every summer since 2010 The National Endowment for the Arts has collaborated with more than 2,000  museums, attractions and nature centers nationwide to allow free entry to military family. The free tickets are usually good between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

New locations are added each year. The full list should be announced in the coming days.

The Career Path less Traveled: Before the First Day of Class, Clean Out the Junk in Your Trunk

By Amy Nielsen

Think of your body as the box you have to unpack, to empty out the trash, so you can put more good stuff in.

Unless you get all the way to the toes, there is still junk in the trunk. Since many of us are going back to school on our own schedule, we have the luxury of setting ourselves up for success by taking the time to take out the trash in our brain and body before putting new stuff in.

Natural Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergies

By Christine Cioppa


There’s a seek and destroy mission going on in millions of Americans’ bodies. The enemy: pollen, grasses and weeds.

The immune system of seasonal allergy sufferers acts as if these allergens are harmful, releasing chemicals that trigger symptoms (itchy eyes, stuffed or runny nose, breathing problems, etc.). The body is actually overreacting to something considered harmless.

A Good Night Sleep May Keep the Doctor Away

By Christine Cioppa

With all the demands in our day—caring for our families, taking classes, going to work— it’s easy to think, what’s an hour less of sleep? But, people who sleep six hours or less put themselves at risk for accidents and chronic medical conditions.

State Issued IDs May Not Be Sufficient to Visit Base, or Fly

Did the gate guard stop you from entering base over the weekend? If so, it may be because of your driver's license.

As of this month, all military installations will no longer accept driver’s licenses from Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington and American Samoa as proof of identity.

The ban is due to the REAL ID Act of 2005.

After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Congress began examining how states issue driver's licenses and ID cards when they realized most of the terrorists involved had licenses issued from Virginia and Florida.

Baby Arrives, Daddy Deploys

They tell you labor gets easier and shorter.

Well, I had a 10-hour labor with my first child, a four-hour labor with my second, and a 48-hour labor with my third.

It was long, painful and shocking. My son was born at home after almost two days of labor.  He came into the world face-up, with both arms by his head, weighing nine pounds and a full inch longer than both his older sisters.

He also was born hours before his father deployed.

It was the biggest shocker about his birth entirely.


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