Help and Ask for Help!

One thing I have continuously been working at as a military spouse has been asking for help. Since I have had children, I have had to own that fact that I cannot do it all. And sometimes, it’s ok to ask for help.

Broken AC During Deployment? Get In Touch With Your Inner Repairman

I was cutting corners on the grocery bill while I talked to my mom on the phone one night.

“Things are tight right now,” I said. “I have to replenish our savings while he’s deployed, so I have to be extremely frugal.”

I despise money, finances, budgets.

Deployment Stress and Homecoming Joy: Pets Feel It Too

Rebecca Champion was accustomed to her terrier mix, Fenway, carrying around her husband’s underwear when he was deployed.

She had even adjusted to picking the occasional pair up in the backyard, where Fenway liked to stash them while her other owner was underway on a submarine.

Stay away from Dr. Google

I’ve been getting these headaches lately.

They aren’t migraines, but they come on fast and radiate in my eyes and ears and jaw.

Make a POA Your First Priority

Rookie military wife mistake. I am afraid to type it because I do not want to jinx myself and the troubles that may come because of it.

Deployment: Tough Weeks Happen

It’s hard to explain just how bad a week can be during deployment.

Granted, all it takes is a look or a simple exchange of a few words between military spouses for each other to understand.

But, when you’re trying to explain it to someone married to a math teacher, an accountant or car salesperson, well, it just doesn’t compute.


I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.' Muhammad Ali

I AM a champion. I am a champion for military families, for my family but mostly, I am a champion for me. But right now, honestly, I don't feel like a champion. I feel like a hot mess.

Operation Purple Camp Registration Open

My son is nine years old. He has spent more than half of his life living without his father. That is the reality of deployment for many military children.

And though he attends a school that is 99 percent military, participates in a Cub Scout pack that is purely military and lives on base, he still struggles every time his father packs his bags to leave.

Deployment, and the enormous range of emotion that come with it, is not something easily talked about on the playground, in a scout meeting or in a classroom.


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